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Kairos Outside offers a comfortable, non-judging retreat for women to support each other as they journey through the incarceration of a friend or relative.

The Kairos Outside Weekend is a 2 ½ day program based on a series of talks by volunteers designed to address the pain of enduring separation from the one inside and the judgment of others from their community. Guests hear the talks in small family groups.

The program is interspersed with music, prayer, and fun activities.

Kairos Prison Ministry is a Christian program, although no religious affiliation is necessary to be a Guest. Any 20-year-old or older female family member whose life has been impacted by the incarceration of a loved one, or a woman who was unable to attend Kairos Inside while in prison, is eligible to attend Kairos Outside.

Kairos Outside Helps Women Impacted by Incarceration:
By providing a safe place to share
By offering unconditional love and acceptance in a Christian setting
By women journeying together in small groups through SWAP (Share, Witness, Account & Pray) and Reunion    Meetings
By fostering spiritual growth and community
By promoting participation in small groups
By creating an opportunity for a relationship with God

After the Weekend the Women Support Each Other
After the Weekend, the women journey together through SWAP (Share, Witness, Account & Pray) and Reunion meetings.

They support and encourage each other as they deal with the impact of prison on themselves and their families.

The continuing ministry of Reunions and SWAP groups allow the women to grow in their Christian faith and become active members of the Kairos Outside community.

Ways you can be part of Kairos Outside Abilene:



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